About this project

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What is “The Distant Valhalla”?

Actually a Light Novel about a story set on the Alpha Attractor Field after the Rounders raid at the lab, translated by the well-known Reading Steiner. Okabe, Daru as well as Kurisu all have been taken to SERN and are captured there. That’s why – one day – Okabe and Daru initiate “Operation Valhalla”: The mission with the aim of escaping SERN. Supported by a mysterious person using the alias “Neidhardt” they want to avoid Mayuri’s death and change the predetermined, dystopian future.

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Alright, but what is “Valkyrie’s Rebirth”?

„The Distant Valhalla“ was also the name of a project with the goal of taking that beautifully written story, and turn it into a Visual Novel. This has been a process which took more than a year on its own and actually ended around two years ago – on September 1st, 2016 – when the game finally was released to the public.

A few months ago (July 2018) not only me, but also a couple of other people, decided to pick that project up and invest more than an additional month for honestly quite necessary improvements not covered during the original development. Those can be read up in detail on the Improvements page. Since „The Distant Valhalla“ changed quite a bit as a result, I figured I could add the addition „Valkyrie’s Rebirth“ to the enhanced version.

Anyway, I’m aware of the fact that this is still only a fan-made game, yes. So there’s no way the Novel will have any voice acting, neither will it use actually drawn backgrounds besides the ones taken from the original Visual Novel.

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So… why should I care about it?

Well, sure, it’s up to you. But I guess you have some kind of interest in this project, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? 😉

Generally, we attempted to use our resources as efficiently as possible to create a feeling which comes close to a commercial Visual Novel, and personally (also regarding the feedback on VNDB) I think it’s safe to say that worked out surprisingly well. Maybe you also read Visual Novels such as Chaos;Head which make use of photographs as backgrounds as well, and if you could get used to those then I doubt you’ll have a lot of issues with TDV. The images also make use of some filters to make them look more like the actual background art you’re used from Visual Novels.

But it’s really up to you, I only wanted to clarify that point since it’s probably a common quality-factor on which fan-made Visual Novels get judged.

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I’m interested, where can I download the game?

First of all: Visual Novels are… Novels. Period. And you’ll find installation instructions about how to get the novel running on your machine on the Download page.